Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yay! Tonight I bought my leather chairs. I've wanted leather chairs for a long time and I have the perfect place to put them - right in front of the fireplace. Costco had a super deal on these and they come with the ottoman. How could I resist?

My parents have been really helpful this week. Obviously, I cannot lift these chairs by myself nor could I have put them in my car. So, they picked up a couple of other things for me (a table for my breakfast nook and the lights for my living room) and then helped me get the chairs. I can't wait to see these in front of the fireplace after the floors are refinished.

So, all of this time waiting for the floors to be refinished has given me the opportunity to really get a lot done and for all of my complaining that they couldn't be done faster, I am glad I got the extra time.

Tomorrow, the plumber and the electrician are coming to get everything ready for new appliances to be installed on Saturday.

Fading a little so I better get some extra sleep tonight. Good day.

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Joanne said...

Isn't family wonderful? It makes me so glad for you to see you guys all together!