Sunday, July 02, 2006

The long drive home

No pictures today, just hot, hot, hot driving across the state. I was very thankful for air conditioning. I went by my house when I got back in and checked to make sure it was still the same (it is). I had to water the grass since we have had unseasonably warm weather this last week and the grass was getting a little brown. My dad has volunteered to help me put in a sprinkler system - he has installed them in all of our houses and now he can put his skills to good use on my house as well (Thanks Dad).

Okay, here is the list of things I want to get done before (and after) moving in:
1. Paint the guest room (taping tomorrow and priming on Tuesday).
2. Paint the kitchen (taping on Tuesday, priming on Wednesday, first coat on Thursday - maybe).
3. Pick our moulding for the ceilings - I don't think I am going to go with crown moulding because it is a little too big for the house.
4. Pick out and paint new base boards.
5. New Dishwasher - pull out the old one to find out if there is a plug back there for the garbage disposal.
6. Install garbage disposal (will most likely require a plumber).
7. Install microwave over stove and remove vent and raise cupboards (yeah, this one will require an electrician).
8. Price out granite counter tops - this one is a BIG maybe - and if I do this, I will get a new sink.
9. Pull out linoleum in the entry, kitchen, hallway and bathroom and replace with tile.
10. Patch and paint the wall in the closet in my new bedroom.
11. Install closet doors.
12. New mantle?
13. Install lights in living room and figure out if there is a switch for them (electrician again).

Hmm, who thinks I'm being a bit ambitious here? I think you can see on the list the things that are necessary and the things that might just be a pipe dream. Plus, I have to save up a little money for the yard - I'm going to plant some trees outside. Yep, I'm going to be busy this summer.

Okay, back to life. I'm excited to get going on this again and I wish I had more weekends to work on it.

One last note on vacation - I read the following books:
The Littlest Hitler - by Ryan Boudinot - I liked the quirky, somewhat creepy short stories.

The Expected One - by Kathleen McGowan - I'm still mulling this one over in my head. It was challenging in some ways because it goes into the story of Mary Magdalene in what is a new and different way than some other famous novels.

Still reading:
The Hard Way - by Lee Child - pure, unadulterated entertainment. In fact, I think I will go and read more of it right now.

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