Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday nights are my nights off from house related things. Tonight I went to see the Seattle Storm take on the New York Liberty (WNBA). I went with my friend, Amy, pictured here and Tara and Maia (who took the picture). I am not the most knowledgable person when it comes to basketball, but it is one of my favorite sports to watch. I like all the action - lots of running up and down the court. Plus, it is a great thing to do on a Friday night.

Robb and Rebecca's move is done and they sound tired, but happy. There is a time after you finish putting things in your new house when you feel the sheer relief that you are done with the transporting.

On that note, I was thinking on my way home tonight about how caught up I got in my own schedule when I first got my house. It was almost too much to bear that I couldn't move in right away. Now, I am grateful for the extra time and my floors are going to be redone next week. It seemed like it was impossibly far away and now it is almost here. Must learn to be more patient.

Happy Bastille Day!

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