Sunday, July 09, 2006

The most stunning sunset is taking place ouside my window right now. (I typed that and then ran and took a picture.) It is also stunningly hot in my townhouse. I keep forgetting to leave the windows open all day while I am gone. The bedroom window is open, but I left the downstairs all shut up which makes it very stuffy. In a few minutes I will run a cool bath and that should make everything better.

Today I worked on the little stuff, the detail things. My favorite, right. I took down the tape in the kitchen and the spare bedroom, cleaned all of the trim around the windows to get it ready to paint took down the rod in the closet since I am going to use a wire shelf that doubles as a place to hang clothes. For installation, I will get to use my drill, and a leve and a stud finder (insert joke here). Then, I spackled in the closet to fill the holes and get it ready to paint. Finally, I painted the trim around the kitchen window and the spare bedroom windows. Once I finish the window trim, I can put up the blinds and curtains I bought. Tomorrow, I have to call the electrician so that I can get an outlet installed for my microwave and another one for my garbage disposal. Yes, truly the fun stuff.

I did give myself the night off, though. I figured I should get to see at least one of the big summer movies. I met my parents and we saw Pirates of the Carribean. Wonderful, great adventure and sword fights and at least twice I jumped and may have screamed a tiny bit.

A couple of book notes:

The book I finished on Friday night: Him Her Him Again the End of Him - which was funny and fast and not as much of a murder mystery as you might imagine from the title. It was written by a former Saturday Night Live writer so there were moments when I laughed out loud.

Tonight I will be reading: The Book of Lost Things - which is a dark story about the world the imagination creates when reading and how sometimes that world can be more real than this one. I can't wait to get into it.

Good sunsets everybody!

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