Monday, July 17, 2006

The Y in DIY

Tonight I started the process of clearing everything off the floors and did all of the other projects that had been back burnered in favor of painting and appliances. Sometimes I am the kind of independent that needs to do things on my own and tonight was a little like that. I put up the curtains and curtain rod in the kitchen and the blinds in the spare room. Now that I see them, I am wondering if I should install blinds in my room instead of curtains. Hmmmm....

Tomorrow I have to finish getting everything put away and off the wood floors.

I also called the movers about my piano today and ended up booking them for all of the furniture. It turns out that you have to hire them for a minimum of 2 hours, so I might as well get the full 2 hours worth. That means I am roughly 10 days from the big move. I'm not sure I quite comprehend that yet. I think I will feel it a little more this weekend as I pack up and move the kitchen and the rest of the books and the book shelves.

I took a moment tonight to enjoy the sunset. Lots of pink and purple. It is going to be a nice week here. Happy Monday.


Hannah Snelling said...

Do you have Mom and Dad's piano now? Or did you get a piano for yourself? Please explain!

Wendy said...

10 days? Wow!! How exciting. Can't wait to hear more! :)

I have tried like crazy to find your email, and I am such a technoloser I can't figure out where it is on this blog. Can you email me?

Miss you! Wendy