Monday, July 10, 2006

Many hands

Short post tonight - I just got my first bills so I'm going to set up my house payment online so that I can continue on the path to NO MAIL. I try really hard to pay everything on line and to get as many bills as possible that way. I only end up shredding them - which is annoying.

Mom and Dad brought me a sandwich from Arby's tonight and we got started on all of the projects. My dad pulled out the dishwasher and discovered that there is no plug back there. The thing is wired down through the floor to the junction box. We did this because my electrician is coming tomorrow night and I wanted to know what I need him to do. Apparently, I need him to wire an outlet up there.

My dad also painted the closet tonight which makes it look so much better. That way I don't have to be stressed about getting the doors in there before I move in. Mom and I went after the trim paint. We got 4 more windows and the mantle painted and they all look great. Tomorrow I only have two more windows to do and then I will start on all of the door frames.

Only 19 days until I move in! Happy Monday.

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