Monday, December 31, 2007

Working from home

I was planning to take today off, but I didn't quite finish everything on Friday, so I am working from home today. Josh is also working from home since we thought it would be a bad idea to try to drive over to Seattle and back today. We are now firmly rooted to the couch and typing away on our various computers. Of course, we have yet to get out of our pajamas. I wish we could do this more often. Most of my job involves going to meetings which makes working from home difficult.

We went to the mall after church yesterday and bought a new dishwasher to go with our new refrigerator. We hope to have them both installed next Saturday. We had a list of things we wanted to do to our house when we moved in and then life kept happening so fast that we haven't done any of them. I'm really happy to start getting some of the things done to our kitchen since I spend so much time in there on the weekends.

This will be my last post of 2007 and the posts I've made in the last week have doubled my blogging for the year. I have been meaning to do more blogging and I can't say that I will blog every day in 2008, but I will be doing this more.

We have plans to go out tonight to a local bar that is having a comedian and dancing. Our friends, Kyle and Anna, own the bar and we have invited a bunch of people. I'm looking forward to having a few laughs and hanging out with friends. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Football and Hockey

I bought a refrigerator yesterday. So exciting :) We have to wait a week to get it delivered, so next Saturday is delivery day.

It also started snowing again, which gave a nice fresh coat to our backyard. Things still look pretty. It might even snow a little bit more today. We have started figuring out how to drive around our neighborhood in snow and ice. I managed to only slide a little on the way home last night.

In the afternoon we went to see National Treasure. It was a nice movie, very similar to the first movie. After the movie we went to try a new Indian restaurant in downtown Bremerton. The food was excellent. Bremerton is the kind of place that has a lot of chain restaurants so it is great to find a local place that serves good food. I am sure we will go back again.

Sundays at our house are reserved for church, family, football and hockey. Today the Seahawks game is at 10, so we won't be able to watch it, but I can usually find another game in the afternoon to watch. On Sunday nights, Josh plays hockey at the Bremerton Ice arena. We are almost done with the season, there are just a few more games until playoffs. I love to go and watch because hockey is a fast, fun game to see.

Happy football and hockey day to everyone!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another 4 day weekend

I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday. I got up early to go to work and didn't get home until 10 pm, at which point I went straight to bed. I had a hard day at work yesterday. It was my last day in the office before I start my new job. I had to pack up my office (I'm moving to a new building). And, I had to wrap up some loose ends. My team took me out to lunch to give me a proper send off.

We still have tons of snow. It was a little tricky getting out of here yesterday, but my 6 years of Colorado driving experience helped out. If I could boil all of my driving in snow advice down to one sentence it would be "Drive slow". I can't believe how many people think that they can drive at the same speed in ice/snow and not crash.

Today we are going to get a new refrigerator. We have been meaning to buy one since we moved into this house, but we aren't particularly motivated. Now that I have been cooking more, I have recognized that we need to get one. I'm hoping for some year end sales so we can get a good deal.

Hope you all are having a good, happy, safe weekend.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Pajama Day #2

It is the third day with snow on the ground here and it has just started snowing again. So beautiful. I stayed in my pajamas until 2:00 yesterday and I think I may do the same today. I have been playing with my new computer, transferring files from my old computer and doing a little bit of knitting. I am working on a scarf for my husband. He picked out the yarn on a recent trip to Leavenworth and I have been working on it ever since. It is strange for me to have more than one project going on at a time, but I also have a sweater that I have been working on and another scarf for me. All different patterns and different size needles. The past month has not left a lot of time for knitting with all of the holiday preparations, but now I am getting back into it.

I made my soup yesterday - a corn chowder with bacon. It was perfect for a snowy day. I did manage to go out and do a little shopping and then we went to see The Golden Compass. It was good, but not as good as the last two movies we saw. We've been trying to catch up on our vacation with all the movies we wanted to see before they left the theater. We saw Juno last Friday which was by far my favorite of all the movies we've seen. We also saw Charlie Wilson's War on Sunday which ran a close second.

I have to go to work tomorrow to finish up for the year. It is my last day in my current job. Next Wednesday, I start a new job within the same company. I like the idea of starting a new job in a new year and I am excited to have a new opportunity. But, for today, I am going to enjoy my life at home. Happy Pajama Day.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

My mom and sister give me a hard time for not keeping up the blog regularly. This has been an exciting, incredible year filled with all kinds of new things that have used up lots of my spare time. I don't know that things will be slowing down anytime soon, but I will try to take more pictures and post more often. Perhaps that will be my resolution. It will be helped by the brand new MacBook I got for Christmas. :)

Yes, it was a great Christmas. Our first married Christmas and we had so much fun picking out gifts for our families and for each other. We had a really good time with my family on Christmas Eve at Robb and Rebecca's place. We got the kids laptops from the One Laptop per Child program and they were thrilled. We were thrilled as well since I checked the delivery date a week ago and they were supposed to arrive at the end of January. We considered it our Christmas miracle when the FedEx truck showed up on Christmas Eve with the laptops.

Christmas day we spent with Josh's family. We had a really great, relaxed day opening presents and celebrating with family. We also got our white Christmas. The snow started falling around 1:00 and continued all day. It made getting home last night a little tricky, but we made it. This morning the backyard is full of snow and it is lovely to think about spending the day inside playing with all of our new toys and doing a little cooking - it feels like a day for soup.