Friday, July 07, 2006


Today was a great and glorious day. Let me count the reasons:

1. It is Friday.
2. It was perfect today - sunny and 75 degrees.
3. I left work in time to catch the 5:30 ferry so I got to ride home with friends instead of trying to beat the traffic.
4. I just had the most wonderful dinner at my favorite new place.

A few months ago, my neighborhood restaurant, Cafe Destino, decided to close. Now, the food at Cafe Destino was great and I absolutely loved going there for that reason, but I also loved that it was close enough to my townhouse that I could just walk over. I am also a fan of the view which looks out across Evergreen Park towards the water.

When I passed by tonight, I noticed that a new place had opened there, Augustino Obrigado. So I dropped my car off at home and took myself down there. I mentioned that the weather was just about perfect and there were tables outside, so I ordered some Osso Bucco and a glass of red wine and finished my book as I waited. Lovely. I think I may make this a regular habit on Friday nights. I like giving myself a night off - no projects, just a good meal.

Happy Friday everyone!

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