Saturday, March 29, 2008

Up Early

I haven't blogged for a while. I usually get home and have very little energy for anything other than taking a bath and going to bed.

Yesterday we had a doctor's appointment, so we took the day off. I had one of these pregnancy moments where my brain cells are not working properly. I knew all week that our appointment was at 8, but when I got up yesterday, I somehow got it into my head that it was at 9. Then, when I went to check my calendar at 8:25, I realized that we were 25 minutes late. We jumped in the car and got down there in 10 minutes and they still saw us. After looking at our 12 week ultrasound, the doctor was trying to figure out the due date since the baby is measuring so big. He decided not to change the due date, but warned me that the baby might come a little early. We also got to hear the heartbeat, which is my favorite thing. Then, they took more blood to finish the quad screen testing. The first results came back, along with the results of our 12 week ultrasound and everything looks good so far. With this last round of tests, they'll be able to tell us if we have the markers for any birth defects. I opted to go the route of the quad screen rather than getting an amniocentesis because these tests are not invasive. My favorite thing is that they recommend these tests because I am of advanced maternal age. I don't feel that old, but anyone over 35 is considered AMA.

The other crazy thing that happened yesterday is that it snowed all day. It was too warm for a lot of it to stick, but it was coming down. We are supposed to get more snow today and tomorrow. I can't believe it is snowing here in March. I was used to this in Colorado, but having this happen in Washington is really strange.

Robb and Reba did a great job updating their blog about our Easter Sunday, so I won't repeat their efforts. Link to their blog is on the sidebar.

I'm meeting up with my mom today for pedicures. Even though we may never get to wear sandals, I want me feet to be ready in case it happens. I'm also going to continue my quest for maternity clothing. I ordered a bunch online and now I have pants and skirts, but not quite enough tops. Hope you are all going to have a great Saturday as well!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Yes sir, that's my baby

We went to the doctor this morning for our first ultrasound. They have to do tests since I am of "advanced maternal age". I opted not to do the amnio so they do this test instead where they measure the nuchal translucency. Then they do some blood work to see if you have any chance of having a birth defect.

Our little one was super cooperative. He/She waved at us and did a bunch of stretching. It was so strange to see all of that movement and to feel none of it. The baby is measuring big - no surprise to us. We both come from big baby families. It was thrilling and amazing to see our baby growing away.

I told my team that I am pregnant as well so it is no longer secret at work. I really hate secrets, so it is nice to have it out in the open.

That is the big news of the day. Hope you all are doing well.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

What a week!

You have probably noticed that I have been blogging about how tired I am a lot. Now that I am mostly telling people, I feel like I can say here that the reason I am so tired is because I am pregnant. Josh and I are going to have a baby in late September. We are really excited and it still doesn't seem quite real. Well, that is it didn't until yesterday when we went for my 11 week appointment and heard the baby's heartbeat. We now are only 29 weeks away. Which seems like a long time, but keeps getting closer and closer.

I am supposed to get my energy back in the next couple of weeks, but for now, I am grateful that the weekend is here and I can take naps. The other exciting things I have planned for today are grocery shopping and watching movies. Oh, and knitting. I know, kind of boring, but I am excited to get some rest after running like crazy all week.