Saturday, July 08, 2006


Tonight we went to the Kitsap Destruction Derby. I went last month with some friends and thought the kids would just love it. They really got into it. They loved it when the cars slammed into each other. They also loved the rollover competition. This event is truly one of those summer things that you have to love. Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy, Nachos, Sno Cones and loud cars.

On the house front, I went over this morning and started making lists of things I needed to do in every room. Then, I went shopping to get all of the supplies I needed. I had a grand shopping spree. The biggest things I bought are being delivered next Saturday - a dishwasher and a microwave to go over the oven. They are going to install the dishwasher, but my dad and I will put in the microwave.

My mom and I spent the afternoon looking at everything from curtains to towels to kitchen tables and all things decorative. I now have my week ahead cut out for me. Of course, I decided to repaint all of the doors and doorframes in my house. They have been painted before, but they need a refresher coat and in a lot of places, it looks like they only got one coat in the first place so they do not really look finished.

It was a full day and again, one of those great, summer days in Washington where the sky is blue, the water is beautiful and you can see Mt. Rainier. Truly breathtaking.

Happy Saturday (my favorite day of the week).

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