Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Housing update

Many of you know we have been trying to sell our houses for about 8 months. Josh and I bought the house we are currently living in and thought that the houses we had lived in before we got married would sell right away and we hit the market just wrong. We met with our realtor tonight to drop the prices on both houses. It was a sobering moment, one where we really had to think about how much less we are willing to take on our houses. We are both going to sell them for a loss from what we paid. And, that is okay. We are tired of paying 3 house payments and with everything else, we'd like to see them sold.

So, that is our housing update. I am watching the aftermath of the Obama/Clinton debate on MSNBC. I love watching all of the speculation. Nobody knows what is going to happen, but it is great to hear what people think. I'm going to retire to bed to watch now. As usual, I am tired...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy Week

Hannah said that I have been slacking off in my blogging today, so since I am home and relaxing tonight, I thought I'd give a little update. I returned to the office on Monday and found that I have reached the time when I have learned enough to take on more work and launched into a week of a lot of meetings and extra projects. It was really fun.

I am, of course, really tired. So, kind of boring, but I had a really good week at work. We came home every night and went to bed right away. I had a vendor dinner on Wednesday so we didn't get home until late.

Tomorrow, we are taking Hannah out for her birthday. I'll blog about it afterward since it is a surprise and should be fun for all of us. Hope you all had a good week.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Home Again

I had a great week in New York, but I am really glad to be home. For some reason, at this time of year, the flights are really bumpy. There was a lot of wind in New York when we landed and that was tough. Last night's flight was not so bad. Josh came into the airport to get me and I was really happy to see him. I don't like being away for an entire week.

Today is for doing nothing (or very little). We are going to go see the movie Jumper. Then, we have some Home Depot shopping to do. Josh wants to put a rubber bumper around the "ice" rink in our garage so we are going to try to find some materials to do that. Then, we have to go over to Costco to get the lug nuts on our tires tightened. Josh had an adventure while I was gone - he blew a tire on I5. So, he had to get new tires for the car. Sound like fun? Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New York City - so cold

I got into NYC on Sunday night, late. Of course I was starving once I got in, so I had to go out for food. It was about -2 with the wind chill factor and I had left my gloves in the back seat of the taxi (of course). Here is what I love about New York. At 10:00 on Sunday night, a block away from my hotel, I found a small shop where I was able to buy new gloves for $10. Then I went to McDonalds and got a chicken sandwich.

The Tools of Change conference has been really good and interesting. I'm learning a lot about my new job/world and still trying to process all of it. After the conference yesterday, I went to dinner with my friend Amanda at Becco. The restaurant was really close to the hotel, which was good since it was still sooooo cold. We had pasta - which Becco is famous for and a little bit of salad. I had a great time and was back in my hotel room by 8:00, so I got a good nights sleep.

The conference ends tomorrow and then I am off to meetings with publishers on Thursday and Friday. Hope you all are much warmer than me.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday night movie

We saw No Country for Old Men tonight after work. This Friday night movie thing is starting to become a tradition. So, we liked the movie. We could see why it was nominated for an Oscar. But, I came out afterward and said "It's not as good as Juno". And, it wasn't. Maybe I just like more whimsical and light movies.

Tomorrow I am going to caucus for Barack Obama. It seems like a strange thing to do on a Saturday, but I'm going to do it. I have never been particularly involved in the political process, but I feel like I should really take action this year.

So, that and getting ready for my trip will be my exciting Saturday. Hope yours is restful. I must now update the software on my Mac because the little button at the bottom is insisting that it is time. Good night.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

So Tired

I have been getting home every night and going straight to bed. We are having meetings and trainings all week at work which is exhausting. We usually work straight through from 8-5 and then we had a couple of after work activities. I was driving in and thinking about how I keep forgetting to blog.

Yesterday, Josh got his new skating surface for the garage. It is really cool. He put it all together and tested out and it works perfectly. The surface is called Super Glide and now he has a little practice area in the garage where he can skate and practice his shooting. It is very cool.

I am leaving on Sunday for New York for a Tools of Change in Publishing conference. It should be a really good conference.

That's all my updates. Sleepy now. Sleep well.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Power Cycle

Every once in a while we have weird power cycles at our house and we had two today. It is weird, and it always makes us a little nervous since our neighborhood tends to lose power. Josh's parents bought us a generator for Christmas because the last time we lost power we were out for 2 days. That might be fine in the fall, but not so much in the winter. We did find out at that time that we are lucky because we have a gas water heater and a gas stove, so we can still cook and take a hot shower. However, since our furnace has an electronic thermostat, we do not get heat.

We are off tonight to play games at Anand and Kim's in Bellevue. Then tomorrow we are having a Superbowl party. Hope everyone else is having a fun weekend.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Work from home Friday

Once a year, we have to write our performance review. I usually can't get it done with all the distractions at work, so I spend a day working on it at home. Josh stays at home to work with me. We had a great and productive day and now I am sitting on my couch after eating homemade burritos. We have been going out a lot this week and we are going to Anand and Kim's for a game night tomorrow so we are going to spend tonight at home.

It was a good week overall and no we are going to have a night of relaxing!