Saturday, July 22, 2006

Can I move in yet?

If the floors didn't need a couple of days before they can handle furniture, I probably would have moved in today. The floors look great - totally worth the investment of time and money. They really look like new floors.

I spent the day packing and moving things over to the house. I got the rest of my books and 1/2 the kitchen moved. I love to move like this because it makes it seem really fast on the actual moving day because the only thing that has to be moved is furniture.

Tomorrow I am going to pack up all of my clothes. That should be a challenge since it means I will have to pick out what I am going to wear for the whole week and I like to have lots of options. Speaking of options, I went through and weeded out more clothes tonight. I am going to have such limied space that I don't want to move things I am just going to end up giving away once I move in. It has really made me think about how much "stuff" I need in my life. When you actually have to pick up all of that stuff and move it around, it seems amazing to me that I have accumulated all of these things. I'm back up to almost 25 boxes of books. Must weed out.

So hot again today which made the packing and moving so fun. I'm headed off to my cool bath and my book.

Grooving to Snow Patrol Eyes Open - love my Brits.

Reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. Started it at breakfast this morning, so I am looking to some time to get into it tonight.


Joanne said...

Oh's HOT here too. I totally agree about schlepping heavy boxes in the heat. Uck. Hang in there! I've been carrying around a spray bottle with me and eating lots of popsicles.

Wendy said...

Sarah: Those floors are GORGEOUS!!! I like them alot...and they look very cool with the fireplace.

I also like your technique for moving. I am the same way. I guess our next move will be big and at least across 1/3 of the US, so it won't work to do a little every day :)