Thursday, July 20, 2006

Patience and the definition of toxic

I couldn't wait one more day to see my floors. They still need one coat of finish and I knew I couldn't see them for long, but I went straight to my house after work to check them out (and to turn on the water - I'm still trying to save my lawn). They look gorgeous. The floors in the bedroom had been stained darker than the natural wood, but I opted for a natural finish and now everything has really lightened up. Amazing. The other amazing thing is just how toxic the finish is. When I entered my house, my eyes started burning and watering profusely and I could only stand to be in there for one minute. Worth it? I'll let you know when my eyes recover...

It has finally turned warm here and I am sitting at my desk enjoying the view from my second story window. At this point, I am trying to determine how early is too early to go to bed. Since I was out so late last night, I think it will be okay for me to go to sleep in about 3 minutes.


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