Sunday, July 30, 2006

Everything works!

The move on Friday went well and I was really grateful that I had hired the movers. Mom and Dad and I took care of all the little stuff that was still in my old place and the movers moved everything I didn't want to lift. Mom stayed back during that part and cleaned my entire apartment. It is now ready for checkout and I couldn't be more grateful for her help.

I've spent time starting to unpack, but I decided not to be in such an all fired hurry about getting everything done. I've unpacked most of my clothes and all of my shoes. I set up my computer and today the cable guy came and gave

me an internet connection and digital cable. Now I have TV back. It was touch and go, but I made it an entire 48 hours without TV or internet. Hardly seems possible.

Tonight, Robb, Rebecca, Josh and I headed over to the Boat Shed and enjoyed a nice dinner on the water. It was great to enjoy some downtime and have good conversation. It was Robb and Reba's anniversary yesterday - 11 years. Congratulations you guys and best wishes for many more happy years.

I'm off to sleep so I can be back to work tomorrow. Sleep well and happy dreams!

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Wendy said...

Look at you! You are in YOUR house. I can totally dig that :) Congrats to you, girl. I will be begging for pictures :)

I still owe you an email, by the way, and I am CONVINCED that I will get it done soon :)

Will be in Seaside next week. Doesn't your work need to send you there for something? Hee hee