Sunday, February 08, 2009

Smiley, Happy Baby

I didn't post last week on Sunday because we had the big Superbowl party. It was a rousing success. We know that we had way too many people in our house, but it was really fun. Thomas was a little overwhelmed by all of the preparation and the noise and he stayed awake too long in the afternoon without a nap. When he finally went down, he slept for almost 4 hours!

This week has been crazy at work for me as I was preparing for a business trip to New York. Josh was great and kept talking me through the fact that when I am 30 minutes coming home from work, Thomas is still happy to see me. He doesn't really have a concept of time yet :) Yes, Josh is the best husband ever. He also takes these great pictures and sneds them to me everyday.

Thomas continues to love his Jumperoo. He is so into the discovery part of it, moving himself in a circle to access all the different activities. As usual, this indicates to us that he is a genius. He also rolled himself all the way over this week. He only did it once and he hasn't done it again. He really doesn't like being on his tummy, so he rolled right back over. It is amazing how much he changes.

I leave on Monday for New York and won't be back until Friday. I'm have a lot of meetings scheduled, so I think I will be mostly okay, but I'm a little nervous about how much I will miss my little family. I try to be rational about it most of the time, but I think it will be tough to be away. I don't leave until 3:00 tomorrow so I will at least get to see Josh and Thomas before I leave. Most days I don't get to see them before I leave the house in the morning.

That's all for this week. If you are friends with Josh on Facebook, keep an eye on his profile page. He uploads some of the pictures that he sends me everyday and has even uploaded a video of Thomas in his Jumperoo.