Monday, July 24, 2006

Putting together the furniture

It seems like a very modern thing to buy furniture and put it together yourself. I left work at 5:15 (a small wonder) and had almost no traffic, so I decided that I would build a table tonight. It took almost no time, but then I got to the chairs. For some reason, the chairs are taking longer and I was getting very hot (I just can't get the house to cool down. It is the number one thing I have to figure out when I move in.) This is my lovely table that will go back in that corner when the boxes are removed and will become a small breakfast nook for me.

I have taken a new attitude and decided to dial down the projects this week. It is so hot and I feel like I have been moving for months. So I made the rational choice - I will not work on any big projects this week.

After I finished the table, it was time to be a little social. I can never resist a good game of cards or really just any games. I headed over to my friend Josh's house and we all tried to forget how hot it was by playing Boggle, Chess, Cribbage and then a rousing game of Hearts (which I know Joanne will want to know I lost handily).

Time to sleep. Happy Monday everybody. Only 4 days til moving day. :)

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Joanne said...

You lost? Even when you passed the 2 of clubs? How is that possible? Didn't everyone cooperate with your super-secret strategy?

By the way, the spa at La Costa is amazing. We totally should have made it work when you all were here last year. Maybe another time...