Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spring is coming

When Grandma and Grandpa fire up the tractor to give the kids a ride, you know that Spring is coming. I was grateful that I had the camera handy. For Christmas this year I got a fancy SD card that allows me to upload pictures from my camera using wifi. Now I don't have to search around to find the cord or a card reader to upload my pictures. We'll see if that actually means I post pictures more often.

It is President's Day weekend which means that Josh has a holiday on Monday and I don't. I took the day off so we can all have an extra day together. We're going to take the kids ice skating. They have been taking lessons and it is fun to see them getting better with every lesson.

Lately I've been thinking about how crazy it is that we will have two kids in preschool this fall. Thomas is really growing into his personality - he is figuring out so many things and getting really big - we had to move him up another clothes size this week. Charlotte is talking a ton and can zip up her pajamas all by herself. Last night when I put her to bed, she buried her head in her large stuffed elephant and said "snuggle, snuggle, snuggle". Can't get enough of them.