Thursday, July 13, 2006

The first move

Robb and Rebecca (my sister and brother in law) are moving tomorrow. Their move will kick off all of the moving weekends we have forthcoming. I think my grandma is going to move next weekend and I am moving the weekend after. By the end, I expect everyone to drop from sheer exhaustion.

Tonight, we loaded up their U-Haul. Robb's roommate from college, Tim, came up to help. After wrestling with furniture and getting the truck mostly full, we headed over to the local pub for some sustenance (aka beer).

On my home front today, I had the plumber come in and install the garbage disposal and the fixtures in the bathroom. I will post some pictures of the bathroom this weekend. The fixtures make a huge difference - all of the gold pipes are gone. Then, the electrician came and began the process of wiring up the garbage disposal, the microwave and the light in the living room. All should be done by tomorrow. Saturday is dishwasher installation day! Can't wait.

Happy (almost) Friday everybody.


Hannah Snelling said...

I think my favorite part of this post is the six-pack at the foreground and center of the picture! Nice! Sorry I can't be there to help!

Wendy said...

OH! Look at you guys! I really wish I could be there to help out....and drink some beer! :)

Anonymous said...

That cool guy Tim looks buff and looks like he is able to move furniture way beyond the strength of a normal man. Maybe even two. I hope you bought him a beer.