Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy weekend

We had a great, busy weekend and I don't have any pictures to post because Josh took all the good ones. However! He has finally updated his blog - mostly with pictures and a little commentary here and there, but it is great to see the pictures. Check it out here: The Daily Thomas.

We went to the fair yesterday with my parents and Thomas' cousins, Jacob, Jonah and Noah. I thought Thomas would enjoy some of the little kid rides, but he didn't really care about them. We'll have to see how he feels next summer.

Josh and I had signed up to supervise in the church nursery this morning. We picked the noon service - so we only had 3 kids (including Thomas). It went way better than I thought it would. We had no crying kids and it was fun to see them playing together. By the end all of the kids were starving and we had fun feeding them Cheerios and Animal Crackers.

We also managed to get in a trip to Target and one to Safeway, I made more zucchini bread (we can't get enough and have many more zucchini to eat from our garden) and I tackled a big project that I have been wanting to do for a long time.

I have been meaning to put away the clothes that Thomas has grown out of and my sister in law provided the perfect motivation - she gave me all the clothes that her baby girl has outgrown. I went back and got out all of Thomas' old clothes and decided what we could use that he wore. Some of the stuff was just really too 'boy', but some will work.

So I got all of the clothes organized and put away. We are really grateful for all of the clothes that we have for Charlotte. It was so fun to see them and imagine what it will like to have a girl join our family.

The other big Thomas milestone is that on Friday he stood up without using anything to pull himself up. Josh said he just did it, like he has always known how to stand up. He now stands up and starts walking around the room. He is still a little wobbly and he crashes, but he is well on his way to being a championship walker. I can't believe our little boy is so big. I love him so much and we are really enjoying seeing him grow up.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A quiet Sunday morning

It is a quiet morning at the Canfield house. Yesterday was a big day filled with activity. Jason and Joanne came over with CJ to visit and we had a fun time picking some plums off the tree and sitting outside enjoying the lovely day.

Here is Josh with two babies. CJ was really happy, but Thomas isn't sure about sharing his dad.
We went out to lunch all together and we let Thomas sit between us on a booster seat. He did pretty well, with a few attempts to crawl up on the table. We are trying to get him to sit still in his chair, but he still doesn't love to be confined. He loves to explore!

We also went over to Josh's parents so the boys (Josh and Jason) could challenge their Dad in a game of pool. And then we were off to the first home game for the Seahawks.

Josh and I have been on the Seahawks season ticket waiting list for a couple of years and this year we finally got to buy them. We bought 4 tickets so we could take people with us and last night we took my mom and my sister, Hannah. My dad was supposed to attend, but he was flying back from Africa yesterday and he missed his connection in New York. It all worked out as we were able to pick Dad up at the airport after the game. It was a great game and so fun - Hannah had never been to a pro football game before and she loved it.

Thomas stayed here in town with his aunt and uncle and cousins. Because he had so much excitement and skipped his nap in the afternoon, he passed out at about 7. We got back very late and transported him back to his own bed. He did manage to wake up at his usual time of 6:15 this morning, so Josh got up with him for the early shift - which is why Josh is currently napping.

All in all, a great weekend. I'm going to try to make some Zucchini bread this afternoon during Thomas' next nap. We pulled 9 giant Zucchini out of the garden yesterday! Happy weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday night

I'm waiting for Josh to get home with my treat from Dairy Queen. He has been taking a hockey class this week from 6-8 every night, so Thomas has been spending time with lots of family while I am driving home. It is fun to see him interacting with his grandparents and his cousins. He is getting so steady on his feet and everyone is trying to get him to say more words, so he is learning a bunch.

In my last post, I forgot to update his stats and as we are coming up on his 11 month birthday, I thought it would be great to note how big he was at his 9 month appointment - seems like yesterday. Thomas weighed in at a healthy 24 lbs and 30.5 inches long. He is off the chart for his age in height and almost in weight. The funny thing is that he doesn't look huge until you see him next to other kids his age.

My treat has arrived. I will try to find a picture to put up later. Thomas has been enjoying the nice weather this week and Josh got a great shot of him drinking from the hose.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yes, I have decided to start blogging again. So much has been going on with Thomas lately that I want to brag a little bit :)

You can see from the above picture that Thomas loves to use toys like this push toy and he has been using them to gain more and more sure footing. He is now able to take about 6 steps on his own before he realizes that he needs to go back to crawling. It is so cute to watch him toddling around the room. We've had to baby proof everything in the room where Thomas normally plays. He likes to climb so we had to take out all the bookshelves.

This is my favorite picture of Thomas. He loves to eat and he really goes after it. He has two teeth on the bottom now which makes him even more destructive to cantaloupes everywhere. He is also now able to eat most of what we eat. In the past week he has started demonstrating when his distaste for specific foods by spitting them out of his mouth.

Yes, I know you are supposed to wait until the first birthday to let them eat cake, but we let Thomas try cake at his cousin Noah's birthday. Of course he loved it. We've also let him try white cake and he definitely prefers chocolate.

While Thomas has been saying "Mama" for a while, he has recently started adding more words to his repertoire. He definitely says "Bye bye" and when you ask him what a kitty says, he says "meow". Today, he was playing with his cousin and he learned how to say "bubble". It is amazing to watch him learn and grow.

We also are super excited to bring our new little girl into the family. She will be joining us in 3 1/2 short months.

That's all the updates and pictures for now. I promise to update more frequently in the future.