Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I like my coffee

Every day, as soon as I get home, I set up my coffee for the next morning. It is the hardest part of my day because I am usually so tired that all I want to do is crawl upstairs and go to bed. But, I use it as a transition time to let the day go and then, when I am done, I feel like I can do a few things (like blog and update my iPod and maybe some laundry).

Almost done with the painting. My dad came over and we put the first coat of paint on in the kitchen. You can't see it, but the walls are texturized which looks really cool, but makes a second coat of paint very necessary. This is the last of the big painting projects and now it is on to the details. We measured the closet for doors so I will get over to Home Depot on Saturday to start looking at options. I also need to look at some of my trim options including the moulding for the ceiling and some of the finishing touches in other areas. Everything is starting to really come together and feel like my space. After all of the painting is done, I am also going to cut back on some of the weeknight house projects so I can get some time to pack my stuff and also to have a little bit of down time. I think there is a limit to the amount of time I can spend working.

On the other hand, summer is a little bit of a slow down, so I might have a few extra days here and there that I can dedicate to home improvement. We shall see.

As I suspected, there are still a few fireworks going off tonight and the witching hour is about to begin. Better go start that laundry.

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