Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thomas doesn't sleep ALL the time

There are people in my family who would swear that Thomas sleeps all the time. They never see him during his wakeful times. I took these pictures about two hours ago and he has been awake this whole time. He had been sleeping quite a bit in the last 24 hours and now he is having some time in the world. Josh and I are really blessed to have a very content baby. He doesn't cry a lot - just when he is hungry or uncomfortable. He is mostly uncomfortable when he has to get undressed - like when we change his diaper or give him a bath or take him to the doctor. Otherwise he is as happy as a little clam.

Today is our resting day. We don't have to go to the doctor or have any appointments, so we are enjoying our family time. Tomorrow morning we have a home visit from a nurse and lactation consultant. We hope she will bring a scale and weigh him. Otherwise we also have to go to the doctor in the afternoon for a weigh in. Those are our exciting plans.

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