Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pictures from Sunday and yesterday

This is a picture of Thomas getting ready to go to church. You can't see it, but he has a Seahawk onesie on under his jacket. The outfit came from my friend Michelle in Colorado. It is fleecy and warm, which worked very well on Sunday when it was a little chilly outside and we went to both church and hockey.
That's my boy yesterday prior to our big doctor's appointment. Hannah bought him some newborn outfits and they fit him very well. At the rate he is growing, they won't fit very long, but it is really cute to see him actually fill out an outfit.

We had a good and tranquil afternoon yesterday. Thomas was sleeping a lot, so I though there was no way he would sleep last night, but he managed quite well. Both of my boys are now sleeping soundly so I am going to take advantage of the calm and get some laundry done (there is no end to laundry with a baby in the house).

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Hannah Snelling said...

Yea! I am glad the little dino outfit fits so well!