Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lazy Day (for me)

I keep meaning to post an update and forgetting because I have been cuddling with my son all day. After all of the activity yesterday, I had planned on having a really relaxed day today. We got up late and have stayed relatively calm all day. It has been raining all day and we are now watching Iron Man while curled up under a blanket.

Our trips yesterday were great. We did well on our Target trip. We got everything we needed and now we have lots of wipes and I got a couple of sweaters since it has been so chilly here.

We also made it out to hockey last night and Thomas' Aunt Jen was there and got to hold him while we watched the game. We have another game on Sunday and now that we have been through it once, I feel more confident that we can actually make it to church on Sunday and hockey as well.

I have some pictures to post later and Thomas' Aunt Hannah is coming for a visit so I should have some new ones.

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