Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thomas and the big day out

I did not post anything yesterday because we had a big day out and didn't get home until 10 last night. By 10 I am usually in bed and mostly asleep and Thomas also is pretty crashed out by that time, so we went right back to bed and did not have any computer time.

Josh had planned to go into Seattle to work at the gym yesterday and I was going to Bainbridge Island to have lunch with my friend, Sara O. Sara and I work together and were pregnant at the same time so we swapped lots of pregnancy advice and got to be great friends. Her baby, Rudy, was born about a month before Thomas. We took a lovely walk from her house into town and had lunch at Bainbridge Bakers. Our babies cooperated by handing out and being pretty mellow the entire time.

Here they are playing together on the bed. Isn't it amazing the difference a month makes? Sara said that Rudy was about Thomas size at a month old.

Little boys are full of energy and our kids laid on the bed and kicked their little legs and flailed their arms. We watched closely to make sure that they didn't whack each other. Thomas looks so happy in this picture because he gets to have freedom to move around.

Before we left in the morning, Josh suggested that I take the ferry over after lunch to pick him up in Seattle. I was feeling good and adventurous so I said "Sure!". We packed up the car with lots of extra diapers and bottles and clothes (since Thomas can't seem to go through an entire day without peeing through his clothes at least once). So, after lunch, I headed down to the Bainbridge ferry. Thomas was pretty happy the whole time - he is really good in the car seat. The surprise of the day is that he was pretty awake a lot of the day. I expected him to be out, but he only slept about an hour at a time. Thankfully, he slept through the entire ferry ride.

After picking up Josh at the Columbia Center, we headed down to Aunt Joanne and Uncle Jason's for dinner. Jason is famous for his pizzas and calzones, so we let him cook for us :)

Here is Jason with Thomas after dinner (see, really awake) -

Before dinner, Aunt Joanne fed Thomas. He ate like crazy (I think from being awake all day).

We had a great time, talking about politics (we are all so done with negative campaign ads) and some of the other stories that were on the news. Then, we watched Saturday night live - only the funny skits (gotta love Tivo).

One last picture from Sunday afternoon. We were having special family time (also known as watching the football game) and Josh was taking care of all the kids. I love that our cats want to get in on all the action. I think it is just that Josh is a nice warm place to sleep.

After all that action yesterday, Thomas gave us some nice stretches of sleep last night (4 hours and 3 hours). We are going to play with him a lot today to keep him awake. I think this might be the key to having good nights. :)

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