Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Moby wrap!

I finally got my Moby wrap to work! Up until this point, we have just been holding Thomas, passing him back and forth as needed. But, with Josh trying to get some work done, I wanted to figure out how to get Thomas in the sling so I can hold him and empty the dishwasher or do some laundry. We tried to put Thomas in the sling last week while he was awake and he did not like it, but he seems perfectly content to sleep there. I love it!

On the food front, Thomas has been getting his extra formula at every feeding. Sometimes he will eat it and sometimes he will not. He was not having it in the middle of the night. He actually at some and then spit it all back up on Josh. It is kind of nice to have Josh be able to help out with the feeding in the middle of the night. We are hoping to get Thomas to his birth weight soon so we can let him sleep through the night. We need to get him a little heavier before we can stop waking him up at least every 4 hours during the night to eat. He has been sleeping longer at night - at least 4 hours in between feedings, so I think he is getting ready for more sleep.

It is almost time for him to wake up and eat again so I will sign off for the day.

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