Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today is one of the days when I realize how blessed we are. Thomas was pretty mellow all day - in fact he had several long naps. He is probably making up for all the activity yesterday. Now is the time of night where he gets up for a couple of hours and has some active time. He likes to kick it on his mat by himself for a few minutes to get some stretching in. He was just laying down there while we ate, having a great time looking at the mirror that is hanging by his head.

I did get my Target shopping in today along with a trip to the grocery store. All of this while Thomas slept contentedly in his car seat. Josh was able to get some work done and get a shower while we were out.

We also got our vote on today. Our county is all vote by mail (which I love), so we sat down with our ballots and the voter pamphlet and made some decisions. I like this method because it gives us a chance to talk about how we are voting and why we agree or disagree with some of the initiatives on the ballot.

The other big news of the day is that our son is starting to outgrow some of his clothes. He is definitely getting too long for any newborn outfits and even for some of his 0-3 month clothing. Our boy may not have a lot of fat on him, but he is tall. I would not be surprised if he got to at least 24 inches (if not more) by his 2 month appointment.

That is all the fun news for today, so I will leave you with another picture of Thomas...

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Robb and Rebecca said...

It's so cool to see how different he looks now that he's so alert. Glad to hear you got some better sleep last night, and that Thomas seems to be getting his days and nights straigtened out.