Friday, October 24, 2008

Robb and Rebecca and Noah came over this morning to take all of my shoes. It is great to have that project done. I'm still half way through the closet since Thomas hasn't been napping very well the last couple of days. It could be due to his stuffy nose or he could just be going through an uncomfortable phase. At night, we can get him to sleep for 2 hours or so, but during the day it is a little harder. My sister reminded me this morning that I do not have to be an expert at 4 weeks. In fact, Thomas does not have a "schedule" yet, nor is he acting the same from day to day. He is learning and growing and all of that change can be daunting.

He IS sleeping now, so we got a chance to eat dinner and are watching a movie. Instead of running into the kitchen to clean up or getting the laundry in here to fold, I am just enjoying the moment.

One month pictures will be posted tomorrow!

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