Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stuffy Nose

My little boy is 4 weeks old today! His one month birthday is Saturday so we will have to take pictures and post them to show him what he looked like. Right now, he is sleeping beside me, but he had a tough night last night. He will only sleep for about an hour at a time. I think his stuffy nose is keeping him awake. He is not sick - just stuffed up. I went out and got him some "Little Noses" this morning and he has improved a lot today, but he is still a little fussy. Believe me, he does not like having the saline drops put in his nose, but he is better afterward.

He also makes noise now when he is awake. He used to only make noise if he was crying, but now he makes happier noises. And, he doesn't always want to be held. He likes to lay in his chair or on the floor or on my lap and kick out his legs and wave his arms around. It is really cute.

We have a late hockey game tonight, so I am going to try to sleep in tomorrow - we'll see how that goes since I seem to always be up at 7. At least I will attempt to get some extra sleep :)

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