Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tough Night

We don't have too many hard nights with Thomas. He usually wakes up, eats and goes right back to sleep, but last night he was more fussy and it took him longer to settle back down. He finally settled down this morning and then went right to sleep as soon as I walked him around the house. He definitely looks like he is getting longer, but I don't know how much weight he is gaining. We have our doctor's appointment on Monday to check his weight again and I am anxious to know how much he is growing. I'm wondering if all of the extra pumping and the extra water drinking has made it so that he is getting more milk and getting back to his birth weight. If not, I think we will have to go to supplementing with formula. While I don't want to have to do that, I would rather see him growing fast enough. I knew that I would have some worries when I became a mother, but I have been surprised just how much I pay attention to all the little details. I think that the sleep deprivation adds to the worrying. Josh tries to help me be better about this so I don't get myself too worked up, but I do tend to let myself think about things a little too much. Once the pediatrician signs off on his growth, I think I will be able to relax a little about all of this, so I'm really looking forward to Monday.

Okay, that is all the serious stuff . . .

We took Thomas out for his first restaurant experience last night. My parents are taking care of my nephews while Robb and Reba are on vacation, so we met them all at Azteca last night. It went pretty well. I had to feed Thomas when we got there and then he fell asleep and put up with being passed around so everyone could have a turn holding him.

Today, his Canfield grandparents are visiting and Thomas is hanging out on the arm of his Grandpa. All is well in our world.

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Joanne said...

I do the same thing - get worked up about the little details. It's hard not to when it's important and new! ((hugs)) I know you are doing great. We will come back over to your side to see you soon!