Monday, March 28, 2011

Super Readers to the Rescue

Aunt Hannah is here as is our tradition on Monday nights and she has miraculously made Charlotte go to sleep. Charlotte and Thomas are both sick now, with full blown coughs and runny noses. In some ways it makes them so cute - think a two year old talking with a stuffed up nose - but, mostly it is just sad. Charlotte is especially sad and is not getting much sleep. I'm praying for a quick recovery for them.

We had a great, full weekend, ending last night with a visit with some friends. We get really busy with family and life sometimes and we are trying to make more room to keep up with friends as well. We got back to Bremerton just in time for Josh to play his hockey game last night.

This week we are all together for the first time in ages. It is nice to remember what Josh looks like and to have regular nights with eating and baths and laundry. We are now watching Super Why before Thomas goes to bed and the adults are watching the rain come down outside our window. It is a nice end to a long day. Happy Monday!

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