Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dribs and Drabs

We had a fantastic day. I took the kids to Target this morning while Josh had his skating lesson. Then we took the kids to Josh's parents house and we went to a movie (The Adjustment Bureau - we liked it). My nephew had a hockey playoff game (they won! congratulations, Jonah!) and we celebrated afterward at my parents house. In between, we managed to do about 5 loads of laundry, some of which is still in the dryer...

The kids were great all day and they were really happy to get to spend so much time with their grandparents and their cousins. Now everyone is sleepy or sleeping.

One thing I left off the list of thanks yesterday was sore muscles. I am especially thankful for sore muscles today since the pain I felt in my back yesterday was just sore muscles and is completely gone today.

I am also thankful for clean clothes today and for Finding Nemo because it means we have some alternatives to Yo Gabba Gabba in the car. Sleep tight!

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