Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Showers and Daddy's home!

We had a baby shower today for Jeremy and Jen (Josh's brother and his wife). They are due to have a baby on May 3. We are all really excited for a new niece in the family. It was a nice, relaxed baby shower. We were really grateful that my sister was able to babysit our kids and their cousin so that their moms could enjoy the party.
We let them open their first gift a little early - it was a camera so that their grandparents could have more pictures.

And, of course, Josh came home last night. He is completely upside down from being on the other side of the world. He graciously took care of the kids last night - Charlotte has been struggling with a cough, so he got her back to sleep and then got up with them this morning. When I got up, I let him sleep for a couple of hours to try and recover a little. I really appreciate that he is here to take care of us as we are all struggling with the coughing.

That is all the excitement in our house for tonight. We are looking forward to more fun with friends and family tomorrow.

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