Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Change it up

I am a creature of habit. I like our regular schedule. I like getting up in the morning and going to work out. I like coming home at 5:15, going to get the mail with the kids, cooking dinner, getting the kids in the bath and then getting them to bed. It has a nice rhythm to it. This week, since Josh is out of town, everything is off kilter. I can't get up and go workout because there is no one here to take care of the kids. Work things have come up, so I have to come home later than 5:15. But, that leaves opportunities for change and flexibility. It makes me more creative. Tonight, my sister, Hannah, came up and put the kids to bed for me so I could go to yoga. It was luxurious. I couldn't be more grateful. I struggled a little with Mom guilt as I left the apartment. But, of course, when I got back she said the kids were great and couldn't have been more relaxed. Plus they got to spend time with their aunt.

The other big change is the morning. With two of us, we do more switching off and it is a little easier to shower and get ready when there is another adult here. But, the kids are pretty good at keeping themselves occupied constructively and we had a great morning hanging out together and getting ready for the day. The one thing that has started to come up is the jealousy factor. Thomas has certain things that he likes to do and now that Charlotte can do them as well, he has to take turns. He is not in favor of this and would prefer that Charlotte never get a turn. Charlotte also has her jealous streaks and wants to play with the toy that Thomas has or wants to be picked up if Thomas is picked up. With two parents, it is easier to give them one on one attention and that cuts down on the jealousy factor a little.

A little change, some learning, some flexibility and creativity that is our lesson for the day. We miss Josh/daddy and we can't wait for him to get back.

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