Monday, March 14, 2011

Long day

I left the house in Bremerton early this morning to get to a meeting here in Seattle. We took separate cars today (which we have never done before). It was a crazy morning weather wise and in addition to missing my carpool lane status, I missed my family during the drive in. The rest of the day was best described as hectic. After work, I went to a work dinner which was lovely and yummy, but now it is late and I have just arrived home.

I was realizing today that our little family works together best when we are together. When Josh or I have to travel or be out, it is difficult. We each have our own contributions to making things work. I missed my kids today when I was at work because I realized that I wasn't going to see them when I got home and I barely got to see them before I left. It makes me really grateful for the decision we made to be over here because when I was commuting, this was how much I got to see my kids every week day. Now I get to see them a lot more both before and after work (most of the time).

After I posted yesterday, the kids woke up from their naps and we all went out together to the grocery store. We rarely do this as a family because we have our groceries delivered in Seattle (yay Amazon Fresh!) and when we need things on the weekends, I just take one of the kids to the store. But, we needed food and Charlotte kept saying "out" and "door" and pointing so we thought it would be fun. We got a cart for each of them and rode around the store. Every time Thomas couldn't see me he would say "where Mommy go?" and every time Charlotte couldn't see Josh she would say "Daddy? Daddy?" which was endearing both to shoppers and parents alike. Whenever we go to checkout at the grocery store, Thomas thinks the checkout lady is "Grandma" so he says "Hi, Grandma". We were fortunate to have both a checkout lade and a bagger who were Grandmas and thought that he was hilarious.

Because it was raining, I let Thomas ride his scooter in the garage after dinner.
Hi, Mom!
Charlotte also wanted to get in on the action, so we did a lot of dancing and wiggling and running around the garage.
She was on the move and couldn't stop for a smile.
It was a good thing I let them burn off some energy so that they were ready for bed at the "normal" time. I didn't realize until after Charlotte was already in bed that it might have felt a little early to her.

Now it feel like it is time to go to sleep (or at least read for a little while). Good night!

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