Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IPad blogging and miracles

I was in a meeting with someone the other day and he took notes on his iPad the entire time. It gave me confidence that I can leave my computer behind this weekend and blog on my iPad. We'll see how it goes.

I am going to Colorado this weekend to visit my friend Joanne. If you are unfamiliar with Joanne's story, you should definitely go over to her blog and read it - there is a link in my last post. I went to visit Joanne shortly after her stroke, but she wasn't awake when I was there last time, so I am really excited to go back and see her (two months later) talking and moving again. It is nothing short of a miracle. I was thinking about that this morning when I realized that I do not ask for miracles often or lightly. I reserve those for the big things (and this was a big thing). But, why don't I ask for more miracles? Is God limited in the miracles department? No. The problem is not God, it is me. I do not think big enough. Of course God can do it. So I will be asking for more miracles big and small.

And, now on a lighter note, a bit on the challenge of a dessert/sugar free life. We had a meeting with a vendor today and they brought in donuts. Wait, not just any donuts - Top Pot donuts. I sat there during the entire meeting thinking about those donuts. Then we went back to our desks afterward and two of my colleagues said, "Ugh, I feel terrible after eating those donuts." That made me feel a lot better :)

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