Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Everyone

March is birthday month around here. Robb, my dad, Catalina and Josh's mom all have birthdays within a week. Yesterday was the chosen day of celebration for the first three. We went to Everett in the morning to watch my nephew, Jonah, compete in a hockey playoff game. It was a great game which they lost, but it was amazing to watch. I'm not sure how I will ever be able to be a hockey mom. You want so much for them to win and to do well and there are all kinds of things going on - kids falling down and skating all over the place with sticks is just a recipe for disaster. Still, we are going to let Thomas take skating lessons starting next month.

After the hockey game, we headed to a restaurant to celebrate Robb's and my dad's birthdays. Robb already got his big gift on Thursday (his birthday), but we all gave him cards and he got an iTunes card so he can get some apps for his phone.

Marna feeds Thomas salad. He decides that he LOVES it.
After lunch we took the ferry back to Kingston and headed for Catalina's birthday party. Thomas was excited that he got to ride a boat AND see a train and the children passed out in the car for a little while exactly as we hoped. We don't often let them go through the day without at least one nap.

Catalina was a great host and she was really happy to see her cousins. The ran back and forth and fell on the ground and danced and ran back and forth some more, much to the delight of their parents and grandparents.

Catalina is now 2!  
The kids all practiced holding up two fingers to show that they were two. Then, Grandma asked Charlotte how old she is and she held up one finger :) we were all duly impressed.

Please, Mom, please
Yeah, we didn't really let her drink the Coke. She just carried it around and licked the top a lot.

Playing the organ together
Once we were all finished with celebrations, we headed home. The rain had been coming down all day, but it wasn't raining when we got home. Thomas asked if he could ride his scooter, so we got their shoes on and let them run around outside, play on the scooter, explore the backyard. Then we warmed them up in the bath and tried to get them off to sleep a little early due to lack of naps and the time change.

It was a full, fun day. Josh and I topped it off by watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and we loved it.

Today we are recovering. The laundry is in, the dishwasher is running and the kids are sleeping while we follow our regular Sunday afternoon ritual of watching Supernatural (we are catching up after football season). Hope you are all getting rest today as well.

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