Thursday, March 10, 2011

Night Riders

We made it back to Bremerton tonight - just the 3 of us. The kids were really good on the drive. Today was a bit of a struggle. Thomas woke up really early. I mean 4:15 early. When he wakes up that early (as opposed to his normal 5:15), it badly impacts his behavior for the rest of the day. Generally, when he wakes up that early, I can convince him that it is still the middle of the night, but he was AWAKE this morning. We'll see if that translates into a later wake up call tomorrow (please, please, please). It was also a full day at work, so I came home a little tired. I found that I needed a lot of deep, deep breaths to make it through the packing up and getting the kids in the car phase of the evening. Needless to say, I am looking forward to having Josh back with the family tomorrow.

We did have a great drive - no traffic and no crying. When we got here, as I took Thomas out of the car, he said, "Look at the stars" and we all took a moment to revel in the beautiful stars - so bright because we are not in the city. It was worth all the effort to get here.

On another note, I have been negligent in picture taking this week so I will post some slightly older pictures...
Good morning, Mom!
Here I am, so cute with food in my mouth and my funny little smile
And, finally, the no sugar thing is hard. I don't like it :)

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