Friday, June 23, 2006


The e-mails are written, the desk is clean (okay, somewhat clean), the bags are about to be packed and I am done with reality for a little while...

Top 10 Great things about vacation (in no particular order - I am not as good as David Letterman):
1. Ice Cream
2. The sun
3. Books (and time to read them)
4. Knitting (and a day to go to the yarn store)
5. Cards after the kids go to bed
6. Watching the kids play and remembering how wonderful life is
7. Sleep
8. Not thinking about what to wear
9. Family dinners
10. Road trip (I love to drive)

Two funny things happened to me this week. When I was driving back from my house one night, obsessing over my hardwoods, I saw a truck that had "Hardwood Floors" on the windshield and smiled. Today was even better - on my way home, I saw a license plate that said "GRATFUL". Me too.

Happy Friday everybody.

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Joanne said...

Don't forget to pass the two of clubs! Wish I could sit and play Hearts with you all...