Thursday, June 22, 2006


Dad and I finished the all the ceilings and the hall, pulled all the base boards and finished up all the little stuff so the floors are ready for refinishing. I have not heard from the scheduler yet, but I have a call into them, so I hope to get this done tomorrow so they can do this next week while I am gone.

If you read the comments on last night's blog, you know that Reba is having a hard time. It is difficult to even write about because there are no words. Sometimes it seems like you are being tested and other times things just feel too hard. This is one of the too hard times and I don't have any words for it.

I remain grateful that we are going on vacation. I am looking forward to a little mental health break from the grind. We are all needing a little space from our various house projects and from all the stress that can be a part of buying a new place.

50 minutes til Friday . . .

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