Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hikes and Falls

We discovered last night that the boat wouldn't start, so we spent some time today trying to figure out what was wrong, but after a while we decided there wasn't much we could do about it so we went on our merry way. We traveled back into Washington State to Granite Falls for lunch and a hike. We took some beautiful pictures which I am still trying to upload. (I think it is the strength of the wireless connection which kind of goes up and down and sometimes completely drops that makes it difficult to upload a picture).

The hike was great because Jacob was quite the trail blazer. I taught him that you need a trail partner - today that was me. So Jacob, Jonah, my dad and I set off at a quick pace. We were pretty far in front of everyone else and we actually thought that the rest of them had turned back since they had Noah (who is 2 and 3/4 - he tells me this often). So we got to a T in the trail and turned right to head back to the trailhead. We got back to the parking lot and the rest of our party wasn't there. Jacob and Dad headed up to the point in the trail that we got separated and they weren't there either, so we settled in for the wait. We were waiting for about 50 minutes for them to return. They told us they got to the T and turned left figuring that we kept going. Ah, yes, the power of communication. We all tried to make logical conclusions about what the other half were going to do and we all were wrong. Since my family is not one to get easily upset, this whole scenario was a laughing matter and not a yelling one, but I thought it was interesting that with all of the wisdom in the group we still had to learn this lesson again.

The other thing that happened in our hike is that my mother fell in the creek trying to help Jonah over a rock. Here is what I love - none of us thought to take a picture. Not one. We all went in to problem solving mode and I think it is hilarious that the best picture of the day lives only in our heads.

The week is going way too quickly! We got the boat fixed, so we should be out on the water all day tomorrow. We'll see if the picture uploads work. (Update - yay! they work.)

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Joanne said...

Yeah! I'm having so much fun keeping up with your vacation--isn't a lake a wonderful thing?