Thursday, June 29, 2006

Alpaca Whisperer

It is very windy on the lake today and so we headed off to Sandpoint for lunch and some shopping and a visit to an Alpaca farm.

I love to knit and so do my mom and sister and I was hoping for a good story to go along with the yarn I wanted to buy for a swedish bed canopy that I am going to make (the pattern can be found in the forthcoming Home Knits by Suss Cousins). We found this place on the internet and one of the kids asked not to long ago where yarn comes from so we decided to show them.

It turns out that Alpacas are really easy to raise and are quite friendly animals, but usually a little shy at first. Jacob told me he really wanted to be friends with them, so I told him to hold out his hand with a little grass in it and to wait for the alpaca to come to him. He bonded with this alpaca, Aspen, and he wanted to stay on the farm forever. It was a great, fun adventure and the best kind of vacation day - adventure and yarn all in one. On the way back in the car, my dad determined that we would forever deem Jacob the "Alpaca Whisperer".

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