Wednesday, June 21, 2006

So this is going to happen this week

I was in line for the ferry this morning when a nice gentleman pointed out that my driver's side rear tire looked really low. I hopped out of the car and observed a nice little nail sticking out of it. I thought "so, this is going to happen this week". There are two ways to respond to something like this. Hysterical crying was not the route I chose. It was all kinds of lessons for me. I had to ask the ferry worker for help (can I park on the lower deck so I can off load first and go to the tire store?) and he was kind enough to tell me that he could have one of the engineers pump up my tire so it wasn't so low when I got off the boat and I would be able to get to the tire store. At Big O tires, they informed me that my worst fear was not true (I was thinking "new tires, $500") and they fixed it all up in 5 minutes. How's that for the grace of God? I was only 30 minutes late to work and everything else today was pretty good.

Tonight I came home to paint on my own. It was my mom's last day of school so she and my dad went out for a nice dinner and then went to get a barbecue. I got the ceiling in the kitchen and the entire hallway (ceiling and walls) painted. I am now one sore little Sarah so I am going to take myself off to a nice, hot bath.

Cheers everybody, only 2 days until vacation!


Reba said...

I'm going to take this opportunity to point out how much harder I have it than you, then one of us will feel better, I'm not sure which. This week my Kindergartener finished school (yay!), so now I have 3 kids on my own full time all summer (whoa). So, I took the opportunity during one of his last 2 days of school to install the new light fixture in the bathroom we are redoing--all by myself (yay!), so I stood on the newly tiled and grouted countertop I installed and cracked the grout between the counter and the backsplash (whoa). My week ensued in this fashion until today, when we still have no financing to pay to remodel the house we've completely torn apart. Which means not only do we not have a kitchen, but technically we don't even have a contractor yet (we haven't paid him his deposit since we don't have the financing). So, I've been trying to get a hold of Leslie at Eagle, who's been dodging me--until this afternoon. I got an email from her saying that we don't have enough equity in our house to get the loan, so we would have been better off to have talked to her before we tore out the kitchen. Can ya beat that with your flat tire? I think not. So, we're off to a relaxing vacation at the Lake, only to return to packing our 1900 square foot rental to shove it into our 1600 square foot house without a kitchen, that we will move in to 11 days after we get back from vacation (3 of which will be spent at my National Convention). Boo hoo. I must do this here, since I have no blog of my own. Now, is it you or me who feels better? Call me tonight to tell me...

Sarah said...

Neither. I now feel bad because all of this bad stuff is happening to you. We will figure this out. I promise.