Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Book Nerd Buys a House

My sister, Hannah expressed surprise that she came to blogging before I did. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I tried my hand at it last year and couldn't keep up with all of the posting. Now, my friend Joanne blogs every day and I will probably not be that up to the minute, but I thought I might have a few things to post.

Currently, I am obsessed with my new house and all of the projects I am working on. Last weekend, I got the keys and got to work on the initial phases of making it my own. I am waiting for the floors to be refinished before I undertake any major painting projects, so I tried my hand at plumbing. Here you see my current gold fixtures. I am not a gold person and everything else in the bathroom is silver, so I took myself down to Home Depot to buy new fixtures. Unfortunately, what they don't tell you on the box is that you need to be able to change the valve in order to have a new faucet. I discovered this after I had already removed the current faucet and spout (which involved about 5 minutes of me running around the house trying to figure out where the water main was). So, back to Home Depot, new faucet. Finally, I finished the faucet and discovered that I don't have the right part to put inside the spout to attach it to the wall. The part I am missing? A pipe nipple.

That is my first weekend story. Just so you don't think I am crazy, here is the view from the dining room and backyard.

Yes, that is the water and I can see the ferry coming and going.

Tomorrow I am meeting with the floor refinisher to get an estimate and (I hope) book the refinishing job. The floors in the bedrooms and the living room are all hardwood.

I am not the most patient person in the world and it is killing me to wait to move in. But, I think I am learning a lot in this process.

In tomorrow's blog, I'll give you a little note on what I have learned about resurfacing bathtubs.


Joanne said...

Ahhh! Love the view! And the fence! And the arch over the little gate! You must put in climbing roses to bloom like mad--okay, maybe not right away, and probably after the plumbing and painting and packing and unpacking and whatever else is on your neverending list of things to do.

Joanne said...

Oh...and maybe some blackberry bushes behind the fence! :)

Reba said...

I emailed our friend this morning who does the bathtub resurfacing. I'll let you know when she gets back to be, but she's usually very prompt.
Joanne--the blackberry bushes are already there, good call. Though I'd maybe suggest some evergreen Clematis as an alternative to the clming roses. ;)

Hannah Snelling said...

Yea for Sarah's blog!!! I will link to you from mine as soon as I finish typing this comment! Now we just have to rope in Reba and the parents to the fantastic world of blogging!