Friday, June 30, 2006

Beach Day

Most of the rest of you are excited that it is Friday, but I am sad. It means we have only one day left here at the lake. We had such a good day, too.

We set out after breakfast for the beach and stayed there all day. The kids played in the sand and built entirely new worlds, the adults sat and relaxed in the sun, reading or gazing out at the view. In the afternoon, Robb and Reba came back over to the resort and picked up the inflatable and the water skis. Robb got a couple of great runs on the skis. I made a valiant effort, but could not get out of the water. On the last run, I stretched out my shoulder a bit so I decided to go back to the inflatable. We took many runs with the kids and even Noah got a chance to ride with Reba - very slowly. Reba and I also took a turn together and my dad tried to make it as bouncy as possible.

We headed back here for hot tubbing - the kids love the hot tub and picked up on something I said a couple of days ago "the hot tub is heaven" and have repeated it as a mantra every time we get in. It was a great way to end the day and we had a great pizza (homemade on Boboli) afterward. Now we are waiting for the kids to go to bed so we can have our coffee and cake and Dad can try to redeem his reputation as a champion of Hearts.

Blessings and happy weekends everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Where are the belly pictures?!?!?! I was told there were belly pictures on the blog? AACK. Some of us really hate being this far away from you.