Saturday, January 12, 2008

The sad end to the Seahawks season

Now it is officially over. The Seahawks lost against the Packers today (42-20). It started out fine and then went downhill. We didn't go to the bar to watch it because I was feeling more like a day on the couch. I wanted to knit and curl up under my quilt (love my quilt - big thanks to Joanne and Emily in Colorado who made it for us for our wedding present).

We are going to go hang out with my parents tonight to teach them Carcassonne.

Oh, and we got our dishwasher! It is great - totally quiet. We had to run it empty once to make sure everything was hooked up correctly. I couldn't hear it at all. We decided that we like our oven/microwave, so I don't think we are going to change anything else in the kitchen. I like that these changes were relatively painless. The bathroom will not be so easy since we want a new tub and a new, higher counter/sinks combination and new flooring. That will be the big project that we do once the other houses sell.

Hope your Saturday is nice and relaxed.

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