Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

We have been making a valiant effort all day to get off the couch and get some things done and while we have managed to empty the dishwasher and do a lot of laundry, we have been doing all of it in our pajamas. We are trying to get the most out of our last day of vacation. It has been great to have the last 10 days (mostly) off. I am feeling ready to start my new job.

We had a great time at the Clover Leaf last night, hanging out, laughing at comedians and with each other. We didn't stay out until midnight which definitely makes us old people. I was very happy to watch the Seattle fireworks on my high definition TV in bed. Very nice.

After months of having the last of our boxes sit in the dining room, we are now going to move them into our storage closet upstairs. We had them out in the garage for a while and then decided that we wanted to be able to park the cars in the garage as it got colder. So, we moved them inside hoping it would motivate us to unpack them and put things in storage. It is the right way to start a new year.

Hope all your first day of the year projects are going well!

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