Sunday, January 13, 2008

How does the weekend go by so fast?

We were sitting at our table tonight playing games with Josh's parents and his brother Jeremy and I thought, "How does the weekend go by so fast?" I don't even remember Saturday (I think I am trying to block out the memory of the bad game yesterday).

We had a good day today. Church this morning and then lunch with my family. We went to Costco, which we hadn't done for a while. We really only go for paper products - toilet paper, paper towels and Ziplocs. Very exciting, I know. At least I got a little nap...

Josh's parents came over to play games with us and we ordered pizza for dinner. It was kind of a special treat since we have been eating really healthy lately. It was a nice night.

We got a humidifier today at Target (I have a bit of a cold), so now I have to set it up so I can enjoy the benefits.

All set, now we are set to enjoy the new Terminator show.

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