Sunday, January 27, 2008

Holiday Party

Josh and I went to our company's Holiday Party last night in Seattle. We don't have our party until the end of January because December is such a busy time for us. The party was at the Experience Music Project and I was looking forward to it since I have never been there before. There were a lot of great activities, like Rock Band, to participate in and there was a concert from the Presidents of the USA. We took Jason and Joanne with us because we could each bring one guest. It was great to have them with us. At such a big party, it is nice to have another couple to hang with.

Today we have all the normal Sunday stuff, including the last Hockey game of the season. I have also been watching Lost from last season to catch up in anticipation of this week's new season of Lost. I have several knitting projects going on and I like ot have something to watch while I knit. Now I'm getting sucked in... have a great weekend!

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