Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to Work

It was really hard to get out of bed this morning. I was really used to staying in my pajamas all day. But, I had a good first day on the job. I am really excited about what I am working on and I am in that phase where I have so much to learn that my brain hurt by the end of the day.

The one exciting thing that happened today is that we got tickets to the Seahawks playoff game on Saturday. We have signed up for season tickets for next season because we have enjoyed going to games so much and now we have to wait and see if we get them - we should find out in a couple of months. But, we definitely get to go to the game on Saturday.

We got home by 7 and I am now finished with making lunches and breakfast for tomorrow so I can do a little knitting while we continue watching the X-Files. We are part way through the last season and watching a couple of episodes a night. Hope everybody else had a great Wednesday!

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Joanne said...

I'm sooooo jealous! That will be really fun!

Glad to hear you're enjoying the new job so far. :)