Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have never been the most patient person. So, waiting for Thomas is a little difficult. I have to have little conversations with myself about the fact that he will come when the time is right and I have to tell myself not to get too frustrated or anxious. I had a hard night and morning with some very inconsistent contractions. Don't get too excited. They are still not close enough together and they come close together for a while and then slow down. I keep hoping this will go somewhere, but they seem to have died off completely for now.

Josh and I went on a walk around our neighborhood this morning - another one of those things you are supposed to do to encourage labor. It was mostly hilarious because I do not have a great pair of walking shoes and my sandals do not give me the greatest support. I got huge cramps in my calves. Now I have plans to go out and buy some sneakers this afternoon. My old shoes won't fit any longer - they are too short. We did have a good laugh as Josh had to actually massage my calves so I could continue walking. We have a plan to take Thomas on lots of walks once he is born. I want to at least regain my ability to walk a mile without cramping up.

That's my update for today. I am now going to relax with my Kindle for a while and read a spy novel...

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